A Certain Kind of Torture

I am awash, with violent thoughts;

cannot control my ponder.

Remain asleep, each painful breath,

awake –

I am no longer.

Passing time, ticks away,

beneath my heaving chest.

Puncture all my future beats,

heart –

slowly stabbed to death.

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The End of Us

come on, hurry up.

run with me!

a little bit farther, we’re almost there –


do you see it?

right there, high up in the clouds. see it dancing?

it’s beautiful.

what is it, you ask?

it is the end.

do you understand?

it is the end of you, me, and everyone else on this god forsaken planet. but

don’t cry.

the beauty will

come fast, hot,


violent, but quiet.

it will wash over us, returning us all

into the

stardust we came from.

A Tidy Goodbye

I’m at the end of the road, I’ve hit a block.

My so-called life journey, has come to a stop.

With no hope in sight, only blood soaked in fear, I waltz to my grave;

dance of death is now here.

So I’ll tie up my secrets and toss out the key,

knowing that one day,

that stone will be me.

Miss Mary

Miss Mary, Miss Mary, lock the door twice

Something is coming that’s not very nice.


Miss Mary, Miss Mary, please cover your eyes

Something is hiding and has a surprise.


Miss Mary, Miss Mary, don’t make a peep

Something awaits until you fall asleep.


Miss Mary, Miss Mary, pray to your God

Something’s behind you-