There is no substitute for your love


That sweet alluring nectar

Of the God

Who sucked me in

Teasing suffocation

Inhaling rotten skin

So good, so mean, so clean, I see

It’s dizzy being free

I ride the spiraling



Never pay the fee

Through illegal skies, I fly

I’m young, so it’s okay

For me to play with sugared knives

And waste away the day

Sudden wounded tremors

I feel the fire now

Licking at my feet I sense

A threat to burn me out

Hot showers of my crimson spite

Begin to splatter down

Upon the heads who turned away

The truth’s a battleground

Laughter sees

A starry night

Pouring from my belly

Sliding into atmosphere

Scents of sweat and lavender

She isn’t who she thought she was

My wretching body

Sick and numb

A blurry warmth

A fatal tongue

The devil rips my twisted gut

Scares me straight

He always does

Now I regress, I must confess

Chewing toxic crayons

Colour outside the lines

‘Til my heart is sobbing

I know

It begs, It pleads, It sighs

Only then I will surrender

I sleep

But never rest

The night salutes, “I’ll see you soon,”

Morning whispers of regret

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